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Welcome to Burbas, proud artisans of made in Italy. With our cold extraction method of tobacco, we offer intense olfactory experiences, the result of years of dedication and refinement.

Choosing Burbas means choosing excellence.

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Extracts of real tobacco, nothing else. Italian quality and excellence.

Burbas is much more than just a company; it's an authentic sanctuary for tobacco enthusiasts. Founded on the deep experience and passion of those intimately acquainted with tobacco, each extract represents the culmination of an innovative cold extraction method, meticulously designed to preserve the full spectrum of aromatic nuances and essential oils inherent in tobacco. With over 10 meticulously curated tobacco varieties, Burbas offers extracts that are genuine treasures, catering to the diverse needs of perfumery, aromatherapy, vaping, and wellness. From the prized Virginia to the distinctive Perique, from the exotic Oriental to the robust White Burley, each essence is proudly cultivated and transformed into a sensory journey of unparalleled richness. Every Burbas extract encapsulates the essence of tobacco fields, offering not merely a product but a profound and authentic experience that captures the very essence of this remarkable ingredient.


The tobacco essences extracted by Burbas offer an unparalleled olfactory experience in the artisanal perfumery market, with unique and enveloping tobacco notes that capture the imagination of discerning consumers.


Burbas tobacco essences, crafted with care and passion, stand out in the wellness and aromatherapy market, offering an exclusive and enveloping sensory experience for consumers' body and mind.


Burbas's tobacco extracts, meticulously crafted for the vaping market, promise an authentic and satisfying experience for enthusiasts. With rich and nuanced flavors, they elevate the vaping experience to new heights of enjoyment.


Sophisticated, Delicate, of the Highest Quality!


The Virginia tobacco, recognized and beloved, offers a unique and unmistakable flavor. Initially intense, it quickly softens, providing a consistent sweetness with a slight hint of cherry wood at the end. In the puffs of this extract, you will find the authenticity of Virginia.


An aroma whose fame extends far beyond the olfactory qualities that characterize it, and which have made it, over the decades, one of the most prized cigar aromas in the Cuban territory. This extract will make you relive the true essence of this prized variety, with a puff similar to the original.


A light leaf tobacco mixture, used in cigarette and pipe blends. It is characterized by a delicate note of tail ashiness, while at the same time offering an intense and decisive taste, capable of satisfying your days without ever tiring you. What more could you ask for from a true extract?


This aroma delivers all the sensations of true oriental tobacco, specifically a Turkish variety. It's blonde, warm, and full-bodied, we could say, the 'Camel classic', slightly sweet, spicy, with hints of tea, one puff after another, and it never stops pleasing! The taste of tobacco in a vape extract.

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Extracts Notes

Our extracts are nicotine-free. It is mandatory to always add a neutral base with a dilution not exceeding 3%. Store away from direct light and in a cool environment.

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